BREAKING NEWS: Non-Profit is on the way, board members are needed!

We are proud to announce that the Good Fathers Only Group will become its very own Non-profit!  We are currently looking for individuals who would be interested in being on our international board.  Those who are interested must be passionate about fatherhood and family.  Please send your bio to  For more information,  please contact Calvin…

APRIL – Being a man of compassion

As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him;
-Psalm 103:13


What is compassion?  By definition, it is a form of love, aroused within us when we are confronted with those who suffer or are vulnerable. It sparks acts of kindness and mercy toward others.  Seeing someone who is vulnerable and is in need of protection should produce a feeling of wanting to do something to correct it.  While we were in our most desperate and wretched state, God the Father showed us compassion by giving us the free gift of eternal life through His Son Jesus Christ.  There is no greater love that!

Fathers, you have the great opportunity to show compassion to your children.  They need your love, your guidance, your time, your wisdom!  They are vulnerable to Satan’s attack and the lures of the world.  If we as fathers do not stand up and do our part, our children will suffer.  Pray for wisdom and guidance to love, train, and instruct your children.  Let’s show the same type of compassion to our children as our Heavenly Father has shown to us!

March- Be a man of integrity!

Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out
-Proverbs 10:9


What is integrity? It is doing what is right even when no one is looking. It is being honorable and upright at all times, even when no one seems to be noticing or acknowledging it.
There is security and a peace of mind in doing what is right. The man who does not do what is right is never at ease, for he fears being caught. As men of God, we are to do things because of love for the Father, not for fear of punishment. Our gratitude for Christ paying the penalty for our sins should be enough incentive for us to please Him. Remember- God sees you, even when no one else does.
Make the effort to teach and role model what is right to your children. The “do as I say, and not as do” approach is not fitting for a man of integrity. Pray today for the Lord to help you be a man your children can look up to!